Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarm

Wireless Alarms


The concept of wireless intruder alarms has been out for many years, however in previous years the technology and reliability of such systems as they say “left a lot to be desired”.


Today’s new systems are a vast improvement and enable a virtually wireless alarm system (they still require a mains supply certified to PART P) to be installed by a single engineer.


The benefits are time saving, no ugly wiring, little disruption, easily extended or adapted as required. Disadvantages are few and really only amount to changing the alarm batteries every year or few years during a maintenance visit. New wireless alarm systems now only require battery changes every 2 years (approx).



Systems now include a speech dialler that can be linked to your BT line and upon activation, triggering a voice message transmitted to you advising of the systems activation.


Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarm Range

A wireless system can be installed for a short period to provide temporary cover and be easily removed and reinstalled elsewhere when required. All systems come with a NSI (NACOSS) certificate upon completion.




Wireless Alarm Maintenance 


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