DualCom Burglar Alarm Signalling

Remote Signalling


Burglar alarms that protect a higher value property are graded in accordance with the European system standard EN50131-1 and PD6662 to Grade 2 or 3 which includes both high value residential and commercial premises.


Insurance companies are frequently involved and often the instigators of system grades. Police attendance via one of the many different types of signalling devices, which will transmit an intruder alarm signal to the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), is possible for both Grade 2 and Grade 3 systems.


Monitored burglar alarms are now expected to confirm  to the ARC alarm activations. Without such, Police attendance is not possible.

Confirmation is received when a second intruder detection device is triggered within 30 minutes of the first activation, therefore confirming a potential intruder on the premises.






Communication is sent to the ARC using either a standard digital communicator, known as a single path transmitter, or a dual path transmitter such as GPRS, Dualcom or Redcare GSM, which transmit a signal on both paths, the telephone line and radio thus offering a high degree of security of transmission.


Secure Alarms have installed hundreds of such devices and will ascertain during the survey, using various testing devices the best option for your premises.




It’s not quite as bad as the cartoon suggests but the Police do require some verification from either neighbours or passers-by that a break-in is in progress or in case of a Police signalling system that two independent detectors have activated.



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