The kitemark has long been understood as the UK's premier symbol of product or service quality. For over 100 years the prestigious Kitemark has been the symbol of quality and trust for products and services.


British Standards Institute

The Kitemark is owned and operated by BSI and is a registered trademark of BSI. As an independant and impartial organisation, the Kitemark stands apart from any other certification marks and is the only symbol that really has any value to the consumer. 91% of the UK adult population recognised the Kitemark as a symbol of quality and safety.


Quality and Safety

The very essence of a Kitemark product or service is to demonstrate its quality and safety aspects and to reassure customers that these elements will be delivered each and every time the product is purchased or used.



Lives can depend on products performing their function safely and reliably - such as fire alarms.

The Kitemark delivers this reassurance and allows customers to trust a Kitemark product or service. So it helps save lives and keep customes safe. 93% of UK adults believe that a Kitemark product is safer while 88% of UK adults have more trust in Kitemark products.