Secure Alarms offer the very best in guarantee and aftercare service. No small print restrictions. We sell you a system with a fully comprehensive guarantee "just the way we ourselves would like to buy one".


 . NO minimum 3/4/5 year contracts (1 year only)

  . NO excessive inflationary increase in maintenance charges each year

  . NO penalties to cancel contract

  . NO unjustified high charges on call outs

  . NO charges under warranty "for out of office hours" service under warranty

  . NO part retention of ownership of the control panel and signalling devices. Leaving you             with  the parts most likely to fail

  . NO ignoring periodic battery changes - necessary to maintain the integrity of the system in

       a power failure

  . NO extra charges on Bank holiday periods such as Christmas Day


Guarantees offered by many Companies can be subject to "extreme and highly restricted conditions".The guarantee agreement often states "One year guarantee parts and labour". Frequently a misconception. Read the terms and conditions and you find they restrict the guarantee to Monday to Friday 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. This accounts for a guarantee that only covers 260 days not 365 and 8 hours each day not 24 hours a day!!


A full years guarantee should cover a total of 8760 hours. A restricted guarantee (as above) covers only 2080 hours - less than 1/4 of a full year!!


Secure Alarms provide a full 24 hour, 365 guarantee. No guarantee restrictions such as Monday to Friday, with inflated charges outside office hours, such as night time or weekends. We will never charge you under guarantee for anything unless it is down to user error, electrical interference or causes beyond our control.


We sell you a system with a guarantee that operates 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


Secure Alarms guarantee is made very clear in bold print - something our competition fail to make clear or have numerous clauses and sub-sections in their small print restricting your rights. All maintenance repairs include the same full guarantee.


Our ongoing maintenance includes a "Gold Package" which covers both labour and parts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


The Secure Alarms guarantee is simply the best.

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