Personal Emergency Response System



Amber®Select combines personal emergency response with lifestyle, safety and well-being management in a single, comprehensive, and attractive solution. The AmberSelect is an ideal solution for seniors and others with evolving healthcare concerns who wish to continue living independently in their own homes.


With its sleekly designed, easy-to-use console, wearable remote transmitters, and wide range of detection accessories, AmberSelect provides the ultimate lifestyle support solution for the high-end market. It incorporates an advanced home safety and intrusion alarm with a full-featured activity support system – so that emergency response, family contacts, and health care providers are reachable at the press of a button. The comprehensive range of AmberSelect also provides personal safety, including safety threat detection, such as smoke, floods, carbon monoxide (CO), medication reminders, and inactivity and fall monitoring.

AmberSelect Features:

Ultra-modern and streamlined design fits any décor

Programmable inactivity monitoring and fall monitoring via a wearable detector

Comprehensive environmental safety detection - including, smoke, flood, carbon monoxide (CO), and intrusion monitoring

Emergency call initiation and pick-up of incoming calls using wearable

remote transmitters

Built-in, two-way speakerphone – with high-volume setting and high-

sensitivity microphone

Up to 16 customizable reminders (voice messages and on the LCD display)

Large LCD screen with unlimited language options, and time and date display

Support for up to 29 (for private homes) or 255 (for group living facilities)

wireless transmitters

Local and remote programming via PC or telephone line

Comprehensive anti-failure protection features – including power failure and low or missing battery alerts, 24-hour backup battery, and programmable periodic test